Hope is pure Hope is pure
Hi, I'm Pamina; a 18 years old student and musician from Germany.
I joined tumblr 'cause I thought it would be great to share photos, songs, movies, quotes, videos or anything else wich inspires me with you.
I adore music in every way. I sing, play guitar and piano; often I can't find the right words to express what I wanna say and thats the reason why I make music and write songs.
I actually think it's the best way to express and share your feelings.
I also love:
cinema; friends; candles; snow; summer; the ocean;
inspiration in every way; photos; memories; happienes; romantic; long hair, fashion; USA, bmth; adtr; wbtbwb; the hoosiers; Demi Lovato; Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, Green Tea, Thomas Sabo (:
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omg candice

the water they gave to me on the plane xo
"In a way, you are poetry material; You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out. Words burst in your essence and you carry their dust in the pores of your ethereal individuality." — Franz Kafka, Letters To Milena  (via fassadenmensch)

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Cause I know youare a sinning but I think I can surprise you cause people can get better baby if they really want to or at least thats what I have to tell myself
if Im hoping to survive.

Its a long road out to recovery from here, a long road back to the light.
A long road out to recovery from here, a long way to making it right.

" — Frank Turner